Cheap And Best Dolby Atmos Soundbar for 2022

There are height channels supported by Dolby Atmos, which means sound can emanate from above your head. A home theater system may allow you to hear sounds coming from all directions, enhancing the overall aural experience.

Not all soundbars support Dolby Atmos, which is supported by some 4K Blu-rays and some streaming services like Netflix. Consider the more expensive models if you’re looking for a more natural listening experience.

To create the sense of height, soundbars often use up-firing speakers that bounce sound off the ceiling and back to the listener. Down-firing speakers in a standard home theater setup will be more accurate and immersive.

After evaluating over 130 soundbars, we’ve compiled a list of the top Dolby Atmos soundbars on the market right now.

Name Where to buy
  • Sony HT-G700
  • Samsung HW-Q70T 3.1.2 Ch Dolby Atmos Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer with an Additional 1 Year Coverage by Epic Protect (2020)
  • Soundcore Infini Pro Integrated 2.1 Channel Soundbar with Dolby Atmos and Built-in Subwoofers
  • LG GX Sound Bar with Subwoofer
  • VIZIO SB36512-F6 36” 5.1.2 Channel Home Theater Surround Sound Bar with Dolby Atmos Wireless
  • TCL Alto 9+ 3.1 Dolby Atmos Sound Bar with RAY·DANZ Technology

Cheap And Best Dolby Atmos Soundbar

  • Sony HT-G700

The Sony HT-G700 is excellent for listening to dialogue and watching television. Despite the fact that it has a boomy sound, it is nonetheless capable of producing voices that are crystal clear and accurate.

Dialogue enhancement makes voices more distinct, and it’s loud enough to fill even the largest room or most congested area.

Listen to your favorite podcasts or audiobooks at the bar using Bluetooth.

Soundbar from Sony, the HT-G700, features 3.1 channels and is set to ship in 2020. It can play Dolby Atmos content, however, it has to be downmixed into stereo. It supports all standard audio formats via HDMI ARC and Full HDMI In connections.

There are seven EQ presets to choose from depending on the type of audio you want to listen to, despite the fact that the default sound is somewhat boomy. In terms of volume, it can go rather loud, but the thumping and compression that occurs at full volume is disappointing.

Additional 1 Year Epic Protect Warranty for Samsung HW-Q70T Soundbar with Wireless Subwoofer (2020)

After opening the box, my first impression was that it was quite substantial. It was a little heavier than I expected, but I hadn’t seen one up close enough to establish any expectations.

Compared to other soundbars I’ve used, this one is far deeper and thicker. A huge subwoofer is also responsible for some of the soundbar’s weight.

The angled power connectors elicit a snort of disapproval.

When I need an angled power connector, I’d rather have had a non-angled one with the soundbar because it restricts my options for hooking into the power strip (or which wall socket I can or have to use).

The digital display showing the volume level was a feature that I really liked on my previous Samsung soundbar and an LG soundbar that I’ve used over the years, and it piqued my interest when I was investigating this soundbar and others that I was considering purchasing.

Seeing the volume level at a glance may not appeal to everyone because they prefer the darkness and don’t want it to interfere with their enjoyment of a movie or show, but I find it convenient. Even more crucial, as hearing loss starts showing up in other family members, they may not be aware that they are cranking the volume up to levels that may be dangerously high.).

As the level is increased, or the volume is unmuted, the digital display appears for a few seconds before being turned off again so as not to disrupt the watching experience. This particular soundbar, in my opinion, offers the best of both worlds.


This soundbar’s setup was quite simple. Plugging in the power and using the digital connection I had been using were all it took in my case.

I was also able to use the same remote control setup for my TiVo remote controls when I tested in the same position as I was using the prior Samsung soundbar.

My LG soundbar could be controlled from the TiVo remote control at the spot where I installed the Samsung code, which was a simple process.


Although this soundbar is larger and heavier than the Samsung soundbar I previously owned, the aesthetics aren’t terrible (purchased years ago). Much of that can be ascribed to the larger speakers in this model as opposed to the previous one.

Same goes for this model’s Woofer; it’s significantly larger and heavier than the soundbar I was previously using. The design of this soundbar is quite appealing, but its size makes it difficult to blend in with the rest of the room.

High-End Audio.

The sound quality of this soundbar (Q800T) is excellent, just like the sound quality of the Samsung soundbar I previously purchased. It handled a wide range of sounds with ease and consistency over the course of the last few days.

(Movies, sports, the latest headlines, Saturday Night Live, and many more) As long as I didn’t go overboard with the volume, they were all enjoyable to listen to at the range of volume levels I requested.

Smart Home functions.

When I saw this device, I was particularly interested in the smart home features, including Amazon Alexa connectivity. Even though my wife and daughter are not fans of (their words) “my electronic girlfriend,” I appreciate the inclusion and the option to use Alexa.

As a result, I never have to wait long to get an answer from one of the many Alexa devices I have around the house (including thermostats, smoke and fire alarms, and Amazon Echo devices, among others).

As a supposedly “smart device,” Alexa can be annoying at times because she doesn’t always provide me what I’m looking for. That’s not Samsung’s fault; it’s all on Amazon and the way they implemented Alexa.

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It’s something I’d like to see improved, but Amazon is responsible for that. With this gadget, the questions are more fundamental, such as how simple it is to set up the device to work with Amazon Alexa.

That’s a bit of a mixed bag, since you’ll need to use the Samsung SmartThings app to accomplish this. The fact that I have to utilize yet another application to configure or use this feature is making me a little irritated.

It’s also worth mentioning that I was disappointed by the manual’s lack of emphasis on “Alexa” integration. Following a brief section titled “Connecting A Mobile Device,” I was able to track down the information I was looking for in the manual.

It appears as if it was thrown together as a last-minute addition rather than the well-planned piece you might anticipate.

With time, this may change (and I expect it to change). Honestly, this is a feature that deserves its own page or manual in addition to the main documentation.


Connection to (or from) mobile devices is simple and worked as planned for me. Although I don’t use it often, it’s comforting to know that it’s an option.

For example, if I needed to play a lot of music from my phone or iPad while entertaining, I could simply do so. I don’t see it as a huge concern because I can also easily ask Alexa to play items from my Amazon library using the Alexa integration.

Effortlessness in Utilization.

As much as I love this gadget, I would be unhappy if it didn’t receive top scores for Ease of Use. In the end, it’s a device that should just work. Learning how to use shouldn’t take too much time and effort.

As long as you don’t mind spending a lot of time going through the instruction booklet, you shouldn’t have any trouble using the remote control.

In that area, this gadget hits all of the right notes, and I don’t feel like I should be deducting any points or stars from its overall score.

More from my own personal perspective.

Using the Samsung HW-K450 2.1 Channel 300 Watt Wireless Audio Soundbar (2020 Model) with one of my Samsung TVs, the remote control reminded me of an earlier frown.

The soundbar’s remote control is extremely comparable to the Samsung TV remote control, in my opinion.

It would have been helpful if the remote for the soundbar had been more distinctive when I first started using it so I could distinguish which one I was holding and using.

I still have that same worry, but over time I’ve used the TiVo remote control more frequently and haven’t had to use the original remote that much, so I’ve avoided any issues in that area.

I intend to keep using this soundbar in conjunction with my several televisions in my home. I’ve had difficulty in the past syncing the Samsung soundbar with the Sony television that I use as my primary television.

An issue with the TV’s sound and soundbar combination has left me irritated, with a significant delay in the sound that keeps becoming longer as the audio lagging behind the video.

After a few months, it will grow so bad that you’ll be cursing your television and/or soundbar, looking for a substitute. The difficulty with the TV itself, not the soundbar, led me to buy a Sony soundbar to utilize with it in my situation.

I’ve never had an issue pairing the Samsung soundbar with any of the other TVs in my house, regardless of brand.

Although the Sony soundbar I’m using is a tiny soundbar that I wish had more functionality, utilizing it with the Sony TV has fully avoided the problem (like the digital display that it lacks).

After investigating this particular soundbar, I came across several customers who were experiencing the same issues with their Sony TVs as myself (I was able to help point them to the cause and narrow down for them the possible solution, changing to a different brand soundbar when pairing with the Sony TV).

It appears, then, that the problems with the Sony TV are still a thing.

This Samsung Q800T soundbar has been a great investment for me so far. I’m excited to watch more movies and TV shows on it in the future.


I didn’t want to leave out the Samsung SWA-9000S Rear Wireless Speaker Kit because I really, really, really want to use it with this soundbar. To my disappointment, I never got around to purchasing and installing a similar Samsung soundbar (Samsung HW-K450 2.1 Channel 300 Watt Wireless Audio Soundbar (2020 Model).

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  • Soundcore Infini Pro Integrated 2.1 Channel Soundbar with Dolby Atmos and Built-in Subwoofers

You won’t be disappointed with this purchase at all. Look for it and use the $50 off offer if you decide to purchase. On sale for $199, I snagged this $250 item for $50 less than retail value. For the first time, I’ve tested a 2.1 soundbar with built-in subwoofers.

When played in 5.1 surround sound, it’s very stunning. If your ceiling is low and flat, Dolby Atmos will sound fantastic. There is no need for a separate subwoofer with this soundbar.

The low-profile design allows it to fit in front of most televisions without obscuring the screen. The 65-inch and 75-inch TCL 6 series televisions are both in my possession. If you don’t go big, don’t bother. The soundbar was instantly connected to the TV through HDMI Arc.

Make sure to check your TV’s CEC LIST to see whether your soundbar is listed there. It’s critical. Try this soundbar out and you’ll fall in love with it. It’s as good as it can be for an all-in-one soundbar, which isn’t saying much.

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The bass guitar is amazing. Don’t believe any reviews that suggest the bass isn’t loud enough, because it is.

Because I live in a condominium, I don’t want to disturb my next-door neighbors. Perfect for people who live in small dwellings like apartments and condos. Make certain that surround sound is activated. There are three options: music, voice, and movie. It’s all there in front of your eyes.

Great work on the audio, by the way. When the surround button light changes from white to blue, you know you are receiving a Dolby Atmos signal. The white surround is normal, and the blue is Dolby Atmos.

This information should make it easier for you to make a decision. If you’re looking for something that’s easy on the eyes, this is it!

Finally, some ADVICE. Before making this purchase, I did quite a bit of research. TCL 6 SERIES TVS AND THIS THING ARE A MADE FOR EACH OTHER. I was about to buy the Yamaha Yas 108, but after reading about compatibility issues with TCL televisions, I decided to go with Soundcore and couldn’t be happier. TCL televisions are the best on the market!

  • LG GX Sound Bar with Subwoofer

While it does have a slim profile and is exactly the same length as my LG G1 65-inch OLED television, the advantages end there and begin with the downsides, which include a lack of connectivity, a lack of power, and a lack of remote control.

I got it for the aesthetics, but the speaker and base’s performance as a surround sound system leaves much to be desired.

However, the sound quality is poor in comparison to soundbars like the Bose 500 and 700.

These would have been better choices, but I wanted both good looks and good sound. I suppose you can’t have it all in life.

Because it’s wireless, the base occasionally loses reception, which is frustrating when I’m trying to enjoy a good action movie and don’t want to be distracted by the brief moment when it lost reception to the base.

Because my return window has expired, I am left with a lousy purchase and a bad experience. This is a disappointing and frustrating experience for me.

  • VIZIO SB36512-F6 36” 5.1.2 Channel Home Theater Surround Sound Bar with Dolby Atmos Wireless

This is a fantastic system! My only previous encounter with a Vizio soundbar was at a friend’s house a few years ago, and I was not prepared for the quality I received from this soundbar.

It also has a wireless subwoofer connected to its soundbar, but it sounded flat and lacked any sort of sound clarity.

If you’re using this system, you’ll need a TV with an ARC port to work. Since I had a 2018 Vizio 55″ 4K HDR E-series TV, I had no need to worry about my set-up. Sanus speaker supports were acquired to complete my system, and everything was assembled and tested.

When it comes to setting up the system, you don’t even need to read the handbook. Self-explanatory: The system is easy to understand. Hardwiring the soundbar to my cable modem eliminated any potential loss of wireless signal. I connected the supplied HDMI cable to my soundbar’s HDMI input (mine is not labeled as ARC, but the instruction manual points out that the top HDMI input is the ARC connection), and then connected the other end of the cable to my TV’s HDMI input for ARC.

The satellite speakers feature blue and gray color-coded inputs to help identify which speaker is whose, so all you have to do is plug one end of the RCAs into that and the wireless subwoofer’s corresponding colored input into that.

If you have a soundbar, you can simply put in the power wire and the satellite speakers, and you’re good to go.

While I haven’t read or seen videos about other reviewers’ speaker placements, my subwoofer is about 1.5 feet away from the wall to the right of my TV, my soundbar is in the middle of the TV, and the surround speakers are about 2 feet away from my couch, all angled roughly 90 degrees inwards towards the center.

If you have a large living room, you’ll have a difficulty with the RCA wires because they’re so long. As far as I know, they’re at least 28 feet long.) Wow, the sound from this device is incredible!

I’m not sure what other reviewers are talking about when they complain about the subwoofer’s garbled low tones, because mine is excellent. I already have the smartcast app on my phone and my TV, so I was able to set up my soundbar by renaming it on my app and calibrating it there after just a little trial and error (probably on my end with my setup and everything).

In order to ensure that the soundbar’s signal is properly decoded, I set my TV audio to automatically detect the signal coming from the soundbar and set my soundbar to “direct.”

As an added bonus, just in case you were curious: I’ve set my surround speakers to 2, bass to 0, and subwoofer to 0. It’s just what I was looking for! Except for the LED light that indicates what sound is being played,

I don’t meddle with the varied meanings of the LED indication lights. DTS was denoted by auburn, Dolby was denoted by white, and Dolby Atmos was denoted by green.

It should be noted that the Dolby Atmos sound is not available on the Sony PlayStation 4. Though I’ve seen reports of it working on prior firmware updates,

I’m inclined to believe it’s because I bought a brand new Rocketfish 4K HDMI cable that supports HDR, Dolby Atmos, and DTS:X on the sound side, and connected it to my PS4.

Despite the fact that my TV detects the CEC connection and that my sound system is configured to “Bitstream (Dolby),” I’ve tried playing Blu-ray discs with Atmos sound (Star Trek Beyond, Labyrinth, and Blade Runner 2049) and the sound that comes out is only Dolby Digital. Soundbars upconvert the Dolby Digital signal into Atmos so that you get the Atmos impression even if the signal is not encoded in Dolby Digital.

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DTS and DTS:X are the same. One of my many DTS-enabled films, “The Channel One Suite,” is an old Buddy Rich DVD that I recently watched to see how it sounded. DTS Digital and Dolby digital both have 4.0 options on this disc.

I was blown away by the DTS sound when I first tried it. As Buddy plays his drums, you’re practically there in front of him thanks to the way the sound is delivered.

To your left and right are his cymbals; the band’s left, center, and right channels are all playing simultaneously, and the sound just mixes in nicely! Isn’t it amazing how close you feel to all the action?

The Dolby Digital soundtrack sounded like a crepe and everything was coming out of the soundbar when I turned it during one of the songs simply to test what the difference was. DTS has a knack for making things sound better when compared to Dolby. It was one of those.

To my surprise, the soundbar’s default sound setting was “music,” not “direct,” when I Chromecasted songs from my Google Play Music collection to it. My band and I recorded a live album professionally about a year and a half ago. Having said that, the sound quality of the music being played back on this device was absolutely stunning.

This DTS mix had a similar feel to Buddy Rich’s DTS mix, with the feeling that the band was set up in a circle and I stood right in front of my own drumkit and my other self. The vocals were coming out of the center speakers, while the crowd noise and some of my drums were also coming out of the surround speakers. There was a good balance between the bass and guitar as well, which made me laugh. The subwoofer’s bass was absolutely perfect.

Vizio did a fantastic job with their music mix decoder! “Direct” sounds flat because it’s only 2.0 stereo, thus having the system decode/distribute the sound makes a world of difference..

I listened to the UHD version of Ready Player One on VUDU, which has Dolby Atmos sound. Is offered in Dolby Atmos sound and HDR10 4K. For the first 17 minutes of the film, without spoilers, this method is put to the test. It’s just mind-blowing!

You get exactly what you’d expect from a thousand-dollar system, and if you buy it on sale as I did, you’ll pay less than half of that! When it comes to headphones, I’m a Bose guy, but after this review, I’m quickly becoming a Vizio guy too, as they sound better than the Bose I already own.

To be honest, with my second Vizio TV and this Soundbar, I’m pretty much set for the rest of time. Sony needs to provide a firmware update that decodes Dolby Atmos and DTS:X, or I can just buy a 4K Blu-Ray player that does so and proceed from there.

Basically, if you’re on the fence about whether or not to buy this, jump off of it! It’s a great investment! Vizio, keep up the great work! I am now a lifelong customer!

  • TCL Alto 9+ 3.1 Dolby Atmos Sound Bar with RAY·DANZ Technology

For starters, the polish is flawless, the textures and designs look great, and the sound is excellent for me. Basses are acceptable for all types of content, and their size certainly dictates how well they fit in with the overall sound.

As far as I’m concerned, the sound quality of this speaker is excellent. I connected it to a Samsung smart TV of the TU7000 series and it sounds fantastic.

Before purchasing it, I read some comments that you said the sound was bad, but really it all depends on the audio configuration of your TV. As far as I’m concerned the sound quality of this speaker is excellent.

The product has exceeded my expectations in every way, and I give it a perfect score of 10 out of 10. It’s important to note that we all have various interests in audio, and we cannot accept the opinion of a third party as acceptable if my tastes are different from those of that person, so the only thing we can do is take a chance and try them for ourselves, which is why I bought it and enjoyed.

Affordable Dolby Atmos Soundbar Buying Guide.

Instead of six bulky boxes taking up valuable living room space, soundbars offer more powerful, direct and higher-quality audio output to your TV. As an alternative, you may just place a soundbar beneath your television and let it do the work for you.

Consider the following factors while making your selection: Streaming music from an external device to the soundbar is made possible via Bluetooth, which is becoming increasingly common in soundbars.

Network connectivity is less frequent in the lower price range, but you can find devices that support alternative wireless technologies like Apple AirPlay 2 and a handful that work with smart assistants like Amazon Alexa and Google Assistant.

You should also check for good remote control, plenty of connections suitable for your setup, and of course that all-important sound quality because most of the models listed don’t have app support.

Is a Dolby Atmos soundbar worth it?

Because Dolby Atmos has an additional height channel, it provides a more authentic, immersive listening experience in your home theater. It’s almost like going to the movies when you watch movies this way at home.

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